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2002-09-10 How's The Weather? Predictions Over The Phone By VoiceWeb
2002-09-09 VoiceWeb & Vizzavi Present "Tell Me Now".. An Infotainment Voice Portal
2002-09-02 VoiceWeb Awarded the Automated Taxpayers' Information Service
2001-10-22 Latsis Group of Companies Participates in VoiceWeb Share Capital
2001-10-09 Now Betting Has A Voice!
2001-06-27 A Fresh, Pioneering IT Service By VoiceWeb
2000-10-14 Ισολογισμός 2012
2000-01-01 Ισολογισμός 2013
1999-05-07 Ισολογισμός 2014
1999-05-07 Ισολογισμός 2015 - IKE
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