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VoiceWeb launches the first mobile application for KTEL Itinerary Information

i-KTEL, the most useful and practical mobile application for providing official itinerary information of interurban busses (KTEL) all over Greece.

VoiceWeb and Pliroforiki Metaforon, which has been in close cooperation for more than twenty years now with the interurban busses association (KTEL) have acquired the knowledge needed to aggregate and transmit accurate and timely information.

Through the i-KTEL application users have access to valid information for intercity bus itineraries all around Greece, on 24 x 7 basis.
For further information such as ticket prices, reservations and emergency services users can request to be connected with the responsible KTEL office directly from the application.

i-KTEL is currently available on Apple and Android platforms,addressing the majority of smartphone customers.

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