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Glo trusts VoiceWeb’s experience to implement Benin's most successful mobile marketing campaign

Globacom picked VoiceWeb to implement a mobile marketing campaign for Glo Benin. The goal was to create a buzz around the Glo brand and entertain subscribers, while increasing ARPU.

VoiceWeb created a brand centric concept leveraging the high marketing expenditure. It resulted in one of the most impressive mobile marketing campaigns in the country, raising Glo brand equity.

Proprietary CRM techniques were used during the campaign resulting in an overall participation and playrate increase. Such proven techniques along with the localization of the solution in terms of content and customized dialogues managed to yield the equivalent of 1 MO per subscriber on average.

The prize line up was lush with 150,000F won every day, plus 150,000F every week, plus 750,000 every month, with a massive grand prize of 1,500,000F to a lucky winner at the end of the promotion.
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