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VoiceWeb Launches Voice Tracking, Voice Price Estimator, & Voice Store Locator for ACS Courier

ACS Voice Portal is a Speech Recognition enabled application, aiming to provide automated information to customers on a 24x7 basis. Calling VoiceWeb's application from a landline or mobile device, in a fast and secure manner, callers can benefit from the following services:

Voice Tracking

Callers are able to track and trace their delivery. Immediate and real-time information on the status of their delivery is provided, along with the expected delivery date of the shipment. The user states the voucher number and the system returns with the following results:
  • For delivered shipments: Delivery Date
  • For pending shipments: Date of shipment and/or expected delivery date of the pending dispatches
 Voice Price Estimation

Users of the service can also calculate the value of a delivery based on certain parameters i.e. the destination and the weight of the parcel.
Voice Store Locator & Routing

With just a call users can locate the nearest ACS branch in the district they are interested in. By just stating the prefecture and the postal code of the desired district the system will provide the list of branches in order of proximity.
Connectivity with ACS's Call Center

The ACS Voice Portal supports the ability to connect callers to the ACS call center for further assistance.  

VoiceWeb's Voice Tracking, Voice Price Estimator and Voice Store Locator are products whose applications range accross several industries, and several organizations have already reaped the real benefits in their business and customer experience.
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