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Hellenic Shows S.A., the Largest Theater Company in Greece Selects VoiceWeb Voice Ticketing

Another major player in entertainment and cultural events trusts VoiceWeb to design, develop and operate its automated telephone bookings channel. Hellenic Shows (ELTHEA) is the largest theatrical productions company in Greece, enjoying in recent years, the largest share of the theatrical shows market in Athens. With this offering, Hellenic Shows further enhances the service provision to theater enthusiasts, facilitate schedule information and ticket purchase.

VoiceWeb Voice Ticketing is a 24-hour sales shop for any event or show held by Hellenic Shows. Information retrieval and ticket purchase are automated using a Speech Recognition enabled IVR system, offering exceptional caller experience and consistent service quality. Users are afforded the capability to buy their tickets regardless of location, with just a call from a landline or mobile phone. Transaction times are thus held to a minimum, with callers following simple steps, making booking ultra fast and easy. Depending on each event's intricacies, different search and reservation options are available, using a combination of different criteria (Event, Event Category, Time, Venue etc.).

VoiceWeb Voice Ticketing for ELTHEA is the answer for users looking for convenience, speed, safety and friendly communication when buying tickets or receiving information about shows of interest.  
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