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VoiceWeb Implements IVR Outbound Campaign for FRG

VoiceWeb designed and implemented a pioneering outbound campaign for recruiting specialized personnel on behalf of FRG- a well known service provider in renewable energy solutions and financial services.

The automated interactive telephone campaign, allowed for rapid dissemination of the advertisement to thousands of recipients within few hours. After listening to the advert the recipients had the option to respond and submit their application with a recorded message. FRG could listen to the messages submitted by the applicants and select to contact the ones which met job requirements. 

Worth mentioning is the fact that for the first time in the Greek market a company chose a one-to-one approach via an automated telephone communication to attract potential applicants. The results of the campaign ware really impressive as over 90% of recipients heard the entire message, while almost 9% applied for the position. VoiceWeb, also provided FRG with a web console through which they were able to monitor in real-time the progress of the campaign and had access to the recorded messages of all applicants.

This kind of Automated Outbound Campaigns implemented by VoiceWeb, are increasingly used in the Greek market, as they allow the rapid dissemination of the message, have low operating cost (compared to human powered call centers) and provide product or service differentiation by creating strong word-of-mouth effect.
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