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Voice Portal for Vessel Itineraries

VoiceWeb in collaboration with Forth CRS and IMIS have designed and launched a new service providing itinerary information for vessel routes operating in the Greek market. At any time, using their landline or mobile phone users can make a call to the “Sea Vortal” and receive accurate and real-time information about their trip.

The process is fast and easy offering a high level of convenience. Through the use of Speech Recognition, callers can interact with the system in a human-like way in order to define the desired “Departure”, “Destination” (by stating an island, an area, or a port) and “Date” and then listen to the following information announced by the system:  
  • Available Itineraries for the selected route
  • Expected arrival time to the destination
  • General information i.e. contact details of responsible ports or operating companies, tickets availability, trip duration, whether the vessel accepts vehicles etc. 

Given that on annual basis there are on average 50 million people travelling to various sea destinations around Greece we expect that the service will be greatly appreciated by many travelers.. making their trip enjoyable right from the start!   
Access to Statistical Analysis and Report Generation Tools