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VoiceWeb excels in 2012 BITE Awards

VoiceWeb pioneers…

VoiceWeb is proud to announce that it has been awarded a Commendation in “Innovation & Research”, for the service “PortDial”, in the first contest of Business IT Excellence Awards 2012. PortDial reflects company’s commitment to designing, implementing and operating successfully, innovative voice applications over a decade now. The exceptional experience that the company has gained so far and valuable insight of voice applications, steered towards the creation of a platform which allows, for the first time, the automated development of necessary grammars and ontologies in multiple languages, with minimal human intervention and usage of Internet content. This initiative could substantially reduce the development time of voice applications and besides contribute to the overall automation of production process, which is an indisputable advantage for all companies in this industry. Last but not least, PortDial has been recognized as a unique opportunity of such a product development for commercial use. This can be easily accomplished by making the platform a product itself.
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